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About US
Heavenly Light Orchestra
Human beings have enjoyed and used singing in various ways for a very long time. Our ancient ancestors started to sing - to make musical noises with their voices - soon after developing vocal chords, probably even before humans could actually speak. Across the globe, across all societies and religions and ethnic groups, singing has been a significant feature of human behaviour throughout human history. Singing is in our genes and in human nature. The urge to sing - and to hear others sing - is in all of us. Singing is therefore fundamentally enriching.
Heavenly Light Orchestra is doing GODís ministry through singing for more than 25 years, in all parts of India. The artists have been singing, enacting skits and giving small narrations which attract people towards JESUS. The team members are well committed and devoted to GODís ministry.
Mr. J. Jacob Gnanadoss, the Director of Heavenly Light Orchestra, whose contribution of the technical content is gratefully acknowledged. In his childhood, he was attracted to the world of music. He learnt music from listening to his father who used to play harmonium and by himself. Teaming up the Heavenly Light Orchestra, he staged many musical programmes. He trained and moulded many leading gospel singers. His wife Sis. Melba Jacob is supporting him enormously in the ministry. He has two daughters Jafi and Jascinth. Sister Jafi is a leading gospel singer married to Bro.J.R. Isaac Balasingh who also joined this team and spelling out the gospel vibrantly through messages and songs. Sister Jascinth is a software engineer and also a good singer, married to Bro. Rajesh Dharmaraj who also joined his hands with this team and spreading the message of gospel energetically through songs and messages. The teamís composition:
Base Guitarist – Bro.John Ratchanyam
Rhythm Guitarist – Bro. Kutty Peter
Rhythm Composer – Bro. Ravi
Tabelist – Bro. Peter Ratchanyam
Keyboardist – Bro. J. Jacob Gnanadoss, Bro Das, Bro. Shyam.
Singers are Sis. Jafi Isaac, Bro. J.R. Isaac, Sis Jascinth Rajesh, Bro. J. Rajesh Dharmaraj, Mrs. Melba Jacob, Bro. Athisayaraj, Bro. Albert, Bro. Rajesh, Sis. Yasotha, Sis. Joy, Sis Jeeva, Sis. Sheela, Sis Annam, Bro. Gunam, Bro. S. Samuel, Bro. E.D.Samuel.
The team is voluntarily doing promotional work for Indian Missionary Society.
The team has released
  • Christmas albums (Chathirathai Thaedi Vol.1 Ė Vol. 12)
  • Indian Missionary Society albums ( Aruvadai Nilangalai Thaedi, Seeyonin Kothalangal, Chirpi)
  • Songs composed for marriage ceremonies. (Manavazhanai Thaedi)
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